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Adobe AIR Apps

17 Adobe AIR Apps That Can Save You Time by AN Jay at Smashing Apps

Alerts and Analytics for Social Media

See “Search, Monitor & Measure” further down on the list.


AP Style Guide

Web Style Guide

htmlText Editor An Adobe AIR app that provides a shortcut to generating basic HTML code, a tool particularly valuable to those of us who should probably otherwise not be trying to generate basic HTML code. 🙂

Creative Commons: Some Rights Reserved
Image via Wikipedia

Share, Remix, Reuse — Legally: Creative Commons provides free tools that let authors, scientists, artists, and educators easily mark their creative work with the freedoms they want it to carry. You can use CC to change your copyright terms from “All Rights Reserved” to “Some Rights Reserved.”

200 Blog Post Ideas for Your Company Blog

101 Blog Posting Ideas from SEOblog

3 High-Powered Reader Engagement Tactics, from ProBlogger

200 Must-have Professional Blogging Tools and Services, from a 14-yr old blogger !

David Armano’s Blogging Secrets Revealed

How To Write a Backlink by Matt Waterman

Get Clicky Web Analytics: monitor, analyze & react to your blog or web site’s traffic in real time

5 Best SEO Tips for Bloggers from

FREE Online Link Checkers: W3C,, Website Goodies’ LinkCheck

Blog Uptime Monitor: via WebHostingPages

How to Blog Live Events and Publish With Lightning Speed

What you can learn from unsubscribes

How To: Blog Anonymously And Maintain Control Of Your Personal Privacy

How to create an eBook for your subscribers

What is a “Keyword Research” Tool?


Blogging Communities

IMPORTANT: Be sure to register new blogs at Blog Top Sites

Blog Listings and Directories:

Networked BlogsMyBloglog!Marketing & SEO Blogs - Blog Top Sites

Blog Directory & Search engineblog search directory - The fastest growing blog directory


BlogCouncil: A community of senior executives in charge of social media at the largest corporations in the world.

Business Blogging

Corporate Blogging Policy Samples (PDF) from Altitude Branding

Why Is Your Business Afraid of Negative Blog Posts?

ProBlogger: Building an Empire Around Your Blog and Setting Up ‘Alerts’ to Monitor What is Happening in Your Niche

Helping business professionals utilize emerging social media tools and understand the evolutionary trends that occur online – Social Media Policy Examples

Social Media Policies from the Altimeter Group

Business & Social Media

Starter Kit from Altitude Branding

80+ Social Media Policies from (Social Media Governance Database)

MASHABLE’s HOW TO 2008: How To Do Almost Anything With Social Media

MASHABLE’s 20+ Tools to Make Any Email Inbox More Sociable

12 Step Plan to Getting Started in Social Media: by Jane Hart

25 Tools and Tips for Following Your Brand Online, by Kyle Lacy

Ray Schiel’s Social Media Marketing: Resources

Social Media 404’s MONSTER Social Media List of Lists

Jane Hart’s ToolBox: 2009 Top 100 Tools for Learning. Includes the 25 FREE Tools learning professionals should have in their Toolbox. I find this to be a HIGHLY VALUABLE RESOURCE.

Jane Hart’s 25 Must-Have FREE TOOLS

GEN-Y: SmallBizBee’s 5 Low Cost Ways to Reach Gen-Y Dollars & Mashable’s Top 10 Social Networks for Gen-Y

Download this state-of-the-industry snapshot by Michael Stelzner: Social Media Marketing Industry Report. You can also follow Michael Stelzner on twitter @mike_stelzner

7 Articles about Strategic Planning and Social Media

Scalable Intimacy: Branding in the Age of Social Media – presentation by Michael Troiano

Case Studies: Social Business

Corporate Social Media Marketing Programs: A List by Peter Kim

3 Social Media Case Studies for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Social Media Marketing Best Practice Articles by Kim Woodbridge

Is it customer service? Sales? PR? Or all of them? Chris Brogan takes a deeper dive here.

Overcoming The Obstacles To Social Business

Social Mention –  social media search and analysis platform that aggregates user generated content from across the universe into a single stream of information.

The missing ingredient in most social media strategies

Social Media examples superlist – 17 lists and tons of examples

Common Craft Video Shows

Short, fun, simple, video-based education in “plain English.” This free (to view and share) video library is a great place to start when tackling a new concept, IMHO.


Social Media & Marketing Conferences (List from Altitude Branding)


Starter Kit

Facebook Groups and Pages – Features, Benefits And Killer Tips

How To: Create a Facebook Fan Page

8 Essential Apps for your brand’s facebook page

The 5 Phases Of The Facebook Sales Funnel

How To by Janet Fouts: Build Your Own Facebook Page (Part I) (Part II)

HOW TO: Build Your Personal Brand on Facebook

HOW TO: Make A Facebook Page In Less Than Four Minutes by John Haydon

HOW TO: How to add a Facebook Page Fanbox to your website (and customize it)

Video about Facebook Public Profile Pages from Wildfire


Interested in Advertising on Facebook Pages?

Tips and Case Studies for Brand Marketers (article) OR go right to

Facebook Can Get You Fired, Dumped, And Yes, Evicted

5 Tips for Optimizing Your Brand’s Facebook Presence

5 Elements of a Successful Facebook Fan Page

30+ Apps for Doing Business on Facebook

9 Top Companies That Provide Facebook Page Management Tools

How to monitor your employee’s Facebook use


A Friendly Intro by Janet Fouts – Getting To Know FriendFeed

Gov 2.0

What’s the scoop on Government use of Web2.0 tools? Download this report from Bearing Point Consultants to learn more on the Federal, State and Local levels.

Crossing Over Technology With Government

U.S. Military Adapts Tactical Networking to Social Media

State Department Gets Hip to Social Media

WIKI: Web 2 0 Governance Policies and Best Practices

Social media policies from leading edge governments and corporations

How To Build An Online Community

Getting Started

Discover the power of NING to create your own social network online

101 Things You Should Know Before Starting Your Own Membership Website

50 simple ways to build trust online

Basic Premises For Every Community Manager

The Senior Side of Social Media: When it comes to the Web, many boomers and senior caretakers are just as tech-savvy as their younger counterparts–and senior-focused social media sites are quickly rising in response to the needs of this rapidly-growing segment of the population. This informative post is provided by Web Ad.vantage.

20 Do’s and Dont’s of successful Group Moderation

Keyword Tools & Tips

Free Keyword Research Tools (post by Kishau Rogers)

SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool

PPC Web Spy: Uncover Anyone’s Google-Adword Keywords While You Browse Google In Real-Time


Legal Bytes Blog: Insights at the intersection of digital advertising, new media, ecommerce and the law.

WHITEPAPER: A Legal Guide to the Commercial Risks and Rewards of the Social Media Phenomenon

Legal overview of social media by Cobalt LLP

Linked Inlinkedin_learning2

Starter Kit

LinkedIn Learning Center

Personal Branding: It’s Not An Option – It’s Crucial To Success

Why LinkedIn Is Essential for Brand Marketers

10 Ways to ROCK and NOT on LinkedIn

5 ways to get more from your LinkedIn Groups

Best Practices for LinkedIn Group Management: by Janet Fouts

Expert Positioning Using LinkedIn (Slideshare that drills down into actual “settings” for 100% profile completeness)


How Does Affiliate Marketing Work

Harvard Business School elevator pitch builder

Not-for-Profit Organizations

Social Media for Social Causes Study: The Results

Wild Apricot: Membership software that brings together all the organizing and communication tools you need to run your association, group or community.

Free SEO Helper Tool for Non-Profits

5 Events That Have Used Social Media for a Good Cause

Case Study: Goodwill of Washington, DC “Put this in your ROI pipe and smoke it!”

How To: Create A Powerful And Engaging Facebook Page

SOCIAL FUNDRAISING Tools: ChipIn & GiveZooks


This one is free and useful: This Week In Media

SEO: The Basics of Search Engine Optimization: Episode #35 of the Power to the Small Business podcast

NPR Podcast Directory


LinkedIn Polls: You can view mine here…and you can create one that becomes a part of your LinkedIn Profile page. I’ve tried it and I like it because you can tweet it and get it ReTweeted quickly and easily. You can see my polls here.

PollDaddy: With your free account from PollDaddy you can create surveys and polls for your website, blog and social network profiles.


Powerpoint Templates at

Powerpoint & Twitter: FREE PowerPoint Twitter Tools… Ever wanted to make presentations a more interactive, Web 2.0 experience? The PowerPoint Twitter Tools prototypes are now available. Created using SAP BusinessObjects Xcelsius (but requiring only PowerPoint for Windows and Adobe Flash to run), the twitter tools allow presenters to see and react to tweets in real-time, embedded directly within their presentations, either as a ticker or refreshable comment page.

The Two Elements of a Great Presenter from Seth Godin’s Blog

How to give a Killer Presentation

Printing (Unique and/or Discounted)

Moo cards are very cool.

MOO Business Cards

20% off Photo Books at Kodak Gallery!

VistaPrint Free Business Cards

Privacy in Our “Transparent” Online Web 2.0 World

FACEBOOK FAIL: How to Use Facebook Privacy Settings and Avoid Disaster

Facebook: Protect Your Privacy VIDEO

Regardless of your privacy settings, your digital trail is accessible. Did you know there’s a Facebook app that makes it EASY to access public records about you?

LinkedIn: Quick Tips on Security and Privacy

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse BLOG: The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse (PRC) is a nonprofit consumer organization with a two-part mission — consumer information and consumer advocacy.

Removing information from Google

New Defensio software protects you on Facebook

Disclosure Best Practices Toolkit

Public Relations & Social Media

4 easy steps to better PR measurement

Future of PR: Future of PR: When Agencies Represent Communities –Not Brands

Top Public Relations Blogs (PDF) from Altitude Branding

ROI – Return on Investment

10 Ways to Measure Social Media Success

Practical Social Media Measurement: Awareness, Attention, Reach

How do you track the results of your social media marketing?

Social Media Metrics Superlist: Measurement, ROI, and Key Statistic Resources

Creating your Social Media Plan

Search, Monitor & Measure

Alltop: an “online magazine rack” of popular topics. The most read stories on the Internet, updated every hour. Pick a topic by searching, news category, or name, and find the Top stories, 24/7. All the topics, all the time. All-top. Alltop. Get it? (Took me awhile.)

Alltop, all the top stories

10 ways to brand yourself with Alltop

Social Media Team Toolkit: Listening

Facebook Search Tool: Lexicon Enables you to track trends on FB using keywords. Click here to link to a post that explains how it works

Google’s Blog Search

8 Essential Free Social Media Monitoring Tools from Andy Beal at Marketing Pilgrim

Social Media Explorer: Quick ‘n Dirty Social Media Monitoring Guide: Intermediate Edition

Trend Search: Nielsen BuzzMetrics’ BlogPulse Icerocket This is an incredibly robust – AND incredibly FREE – blog search and tracking service. Access a full suite of analytics in an easy-to-read, use-friendly format with IceRocket’s BlogTracker. Sadly, their handy-dandy toolbar add-on, which would provide one-click access to stats only works with Internet Explorer. (Every silver lining has a cloud, no?) If you can get past their affinity for IE, which is going to take me quite some time to overcome, IceRocket also offers a great link-tracking feature so you can see (and show) how many people have linked to your blog posts.

Awesome List of free Social Media Measurement Tools

Tools and Metrics to Measure and Monitor Social Media Success, by Jacob Morgan

Social Media ROI Resource List, by Colin Browning

Using Social Media to Show ROI: by Connie Bensen

Get A Yardstick by Amber Naslund: As you embark on this list, you ought to work backwards. Start with your objective in mind, and from there, work back toward the measures and metrics most likely to drive toward that goal and support the intelligence you hope to gather. Measure those. You can’t and shouldn’t measure everything. You should measure the indicators and drivers of what you want to accomplish.

Brand Monitoring: Top 10 Free Tools for Monitoring Your Brand’s Reputation, by Dan Schawbel @ Mashable

Yahoo Pipes: Pipes is a powerful composition tool to aggregate, manipulate, and mashup content from around the web.

Need a robust monitoring service? Check out Radian6 (paid service).

Looking for a snapshot of someone’s “digital trail?” Go to 123people. This is proof that you can’t hide from the Internet.

Who’s Talkin’ about you or your brand on the social webs? Find out at

Tools and analytics to estimate traffic to your website and your competitor’s sites.

50+ More Ways to Track Website Traffic

Online Marketing Performance – results oriented internet marketing

Free SEO tools for your comprehensive search engine optimization, analysis and research

Two steps to social media success | excerpt from Janet Fouts’ blog:

STEP 1: Set up listening tools like Techrigy’s SM2, Radian6, BuzzLogic,Trackur, Search Monitor, Backtype, Google Alerts, Monniter, Sideline and Twilerts to find out what people are talking about related to your industry and your company. Each of these tools has their strengths and you need to match the tool to your budget as well as your needs.You may want to use more than one to focus on different keywords but it can be counter-productive to have too many alerts going. If they’re all reporting the same information it can get very noisy! Most of these have trials and several are free, so don’t feel like you need to start with the most expensive package. The point is to start finding out where conversations are happening and what people are talking about. (CLICK THROUGH FOR STEP 2!)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Free SEO Tools from Webmaster Automation

SEO Marketing Tools

SoloSEO: Do-It-Yourself SEO tools

61 Pre-SEO Campaign Questions you need to answer to determine whether you should in-source or outsource your search marketing 

The Most Basic SEO Web Services Every Webmaster Should Checkout

Semantic Web

What is it? You can click thru that question for the full article, but here’s an excerpt:

In the Semantic Web data itself becomes part of the Web and is able to be processed independently of application, platform, or domain. This is in contrast to the World Wide Web as we know it today, which contains virtually boundless information in the form of documents. We can use computers to search for these documents, but they still have to be read and interpreted by humans before any useful information can be extrapolated. Computers can present you with information but can’t understand what the information is well enough to display the data that is most relevant in a given circumstance. The Semantic Web, on the other hand, is about having data as well as documents on the Web so that machines can process, transform, assemble, and even act on the data in useful ways.

Intro to WolframAlpha: This is a great visual explanation of the Semantic Web. Basically, it’s like thumbing through an encyclopedia again…but on the Web.

Small (Social) Business

Social Media for the Little Guy from SES NY: Find out how small companies with small budgets can freely tap the world of social media to improve business and increase sales.

Small Biz Twitter List

The definitive guide to B2B Social Media

Social Media Business Team

Who Should be Involved?

Roles & Responsibilities

Building a Listening Platform


Audio and Video Conversion Software (a list of many)

Subscription & Distribution Services

What is Google Feedburner? Click here Provide an Email Subscription option for readers of your blog via Feedburner: just one of the ways you can subscribe to this blog, for example… The other subscription option is an RSS feed. This is mine:

GrayMatter Minute

↑ Grab this Headline Animator

What’s an RSS feed? I can answer that for you:


Click here or on the image above to download the full PDF presentation, or view it online at SlideShare.

How To Embed And Display RSS Feeds On Any Web Page: Best RSS-To-HTML Publishing Tools

Fever: A very cool RSS reader if you’re into cool RSS readers

No RSS Feed for Your Website? No Problem.

Tiny URL Creators

scrim: Use to get less email spam. Convert your email address into a short, cute and safe link you can share on the web, in Twitter, forums, Craigslist, or anywhere.

Cligs: Shorten your URLs and track the clicks they get with analytics, social media monitoring, and geotargeting

BudURL: Shrink a link. Share it. Watch it grow. (Shorten URLs and track clicks.) Track links in real time, access the complete history of your links and store your Twitter account and other preferences shorten your link and learn an interesting tidbit. Domain names that end in .gd, such as, are assigned by the island nation of Grenada, the world’s second largest producer of nutmeg. Who knew? Now you do. 🙂 From the folks at HootSuite created by Jonas Lejon, who created lots of cool websites in the past such as BlogBackupr, TweetBackup, Download11 and TweetValue. … Claim to offer the shortest URLs (until someone figures out how to make them even shorter)

Clickmeter: Web Marketing Tool…Click Tracking Online Service, shorten URLs, pay per click monitor…Follow them on twitter @clickmeter


Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

Twitter for Business

Starter Kit by Altitude Branding

101 Twitter Tools – an insane list from Marc Meyer

Get Started Guide for BusinessPeople by ComputerWorld

New To Twitter? MUST READ: The Anatomy of a Successful Tweet, a guest post on by Leo Dirr, a.k.a. @UtahNewsGuy

These guys (and girls) rock. Find out right from HubSpot “How to Use Twitter For Business” (Click here or on the image to the right to download their PDF.) You can also follow @HubSpot on twitter. They’re gurus and they have GREAT whitepapers, webinars and marketing resources. If you’re a professional marketer, you can join their pro marketing groups on Facebook and on LinkedIn

50 Ideas from Chris Brogan

Market Research on Twitter from Pistachio Consulting

Twitter Tools for Communications Professionals: From Brian Solis

25 Innovative Ways Companies are Using Twitter

12 Ways to Find Brands & Companies on Twitter

List of 100 Twitter Tools to help you achieve your goals.

Real-time Brand Tracker: twitter tracking, by electric artists

Twitter Keys Jazz up your twitter posts with these special characters & symbols

Twitter Productivity: How to Stop Twitter Becoming a Waste of Time

Master Twitter in 10 min or less! Get the free download from twitteroid.

TweeTube: The easiest way to share video recordings on twitter (with an even easier app download for MAC)

6 Ways to Maximize the Use of Your 140 Character Tweets

TwiTip: Tweeting for Business (includes a slideshare deck)

Check out the very cool and various twitter apps from twtapps, including:

  • twtpoll – create online polls
  • twtvite – event manager
  • twtlong – send longer tweets
  • twtBizCard – online business card
  • twtQpon – create online coupons
  • twtjobs – career manager
  • twtBiz – business directory
  • twtTRIP – travel organizer
  • twtwlst – gift registry
  • twtcard – greeting cards
  • twtpets – game for pet lovers

iPhone apps to push video to Twitter from

The most useful marketing posts about Twitter from Who’s Blogging What

How to deal with negative comments about you on Twitter from John Haydon

Twitter Case Studies

40 of the Best Twitter Brands and the People Behind Them

Five reasons Twitterers make better employees

7 Impressive Twitter Customer Service/Brand Management Case Studies

A Chronology of Brands that Got Punk’d by Social Media by Jeremiah Owyang of Web Strategy

Twitter Clients

Using your web browser to tweet? Might I suggest an alternative? My favorite, mentioned in some of the lists above, is TWEETDECK. I can’t imagine my twitter life without it. To be fair, I am giving Nambu a test drive at the suggestion of a twitter pal. Other alternatives include: twhirl, twitterfox and tweetgrid. For the iPhone, I prefer tweetie to the others I’ve tried. Alternatives include: Twittelator Pro and TwitterFon.

Now this one just cracks me up…Spreadtweet. So, you work at a big corporate, and you’re not allowed to use Twitter…so you think to yourself, “Wouldn’t it be awesome if there were a Twitter tool that looked just like Excel?” Well, there is; and you have @elliottkember to thank.

25 Twitter Apps to Manage Multiple Accounts

Twitter Icons & Background Pages

Over 75+ Beautiful Twitter Design Icons

Twitter Background Design Specifications from TweetStyle

Twitter background page specs and sizes

Twitter Search Tools

Here’s a few tools to help you find the people and the information you need.

To search TWEETS (as opposed to BIOs in the tool above)  you can use Twitter’s own search engine

People Browser: is a simple visual dashboard that adds more power to Twitter, your other online identities and those of your friends.

LOCAL DIRECTORY / BALTIMORE: 2009 Guide to Baltimore Media on Twitter, created by Sawmill Marketing Public Relations

Twibs Directory of Twitter Businesses

Twitter Directory: Just Tweet It, Find other twitter users just like you

Twitter Directory: Book Trade People (book publishers and others in the book trade)

C-Level Tweeters (Confirmed List)

WeFollow: A user-powered Twitter Directory

Who’s in Your Twitter-Neighborhood? Find out at TwellowHood.

TwitterMass: Automates the process of finding new Twitter users to follow by searching for keywords and then following the most interesting of these users. TwitterMass also automatically unfollows users who don’t follow you back within a few days. Aimed at developing “qualified followers”

TwitterHawk: Find people like you, near you. If you’re into automation (not always advised, of course, but problems of managing high volumes of followings/followers are having us test the waters), TH sends responses on your behalf to people that match your specific search criteria to help promote and market you and your brand. To do this, you simply need to enter in the words you want to search through other peoples tweets for, and up to 5 different responses you want to send them. Choose how often you want them to search, and TH does the rest.

Misc. Twitter Search Tools: Tweefind, Tweepfind, Tweetspinner

Twitter: Monitoring & Analytics

The 23 best web analytics tools for tracking your visitors

BACKUP your tweets with Tweetake manage custom twitter account settings and preferences, such as stats on new followers and unfollowers and auto-responders (although, robo-messages are frowned upon my most twitterati)

TweetBacks A WordPress Plug-in created by Dan Zarella. Allows you to add instances where your blog has been mentioned on Twitter to your blog’s comments section

TweetBeep Get email alerts when your keywords or domain name is used on Twitter. THIS ONE IS IMPORTANT!

Twendz: a keyword-based Twitter search app that highlights conversation themes and sentiment of the tweets on topics you are interested in. As the conversation changes, so does twendz by evaluating up to 70 tweets at a time. When new tweets are posted, they are dynamically updated, minute by minute.

Twinfluence Measure your “Twitter Influence”

Friend & Follow Management: Type your username in at Friend Or Follow to see who are you following that’s not following you back and who’s following you that you’re not following back.

TwitterFriends: Get a stack of interesting information on your use of Twitter (or any Twitter user). Click here for the article that explains TwitterFriends and click here to go directly to TwitterFriends.

Twitter Grader

Twitter Tricks: Top 10 Tools to Keep You Tweeting Productively

TwtPoll: Create your poll, then share it on twitter, facebook or via email

Trendrr: Track, compare and share data, free. Identify trends across social graphs and networks, realize the potential of p2p, track engagement metrics, look at what is really happening, real time.

4 ReTweet Tools & Trackers from

Twitter – quantitative and qualitative metrics

Web Conference Services

Looking for alternatives to WebEx and Go To Meeting? Maybe a free or a pay as you go plan?

FUSE Meeting: Web Meetings in HD. Enjoy the flexibility of free, pay as you go or monthly plans

Web Design

Denote is a web-based project management tool for web designers & developers.You can comment, track & interact with users you designate – all on a live web page. Totally simplifies the web development/design process in an easy-to-use, affordable user-friendly interface.

Using Click Heatmaps to Optimize Web Design: A post by Obzervant, a blog that recommends site usability and traffic quality improvements to increase conversion rates and online advertising effectiveness.

50 Excellent Corporate Website Designs a post from Webdesigner Depot

5 Best Places to Create Avatars from the 1918 blog

Need icons? Find them here: iconfinder (thanks to Jeff Chandler for the share)

35 creative and colorful wordpress themes

15 Valuable Usability PDFs: Here’s a list that you might not have heard of, but should know of and can use. 🙂

50 Totally Free Lessons in Graphic Design Theory: While many of us can create something that looks good in Photoshop or attractive when spliced into CSS, but do we actually understand the design theory behind what we create? Theory is the missing link for many un-trained but otherwise talented designers. Here are 50 excellent graphic design theory lessons to help you understand the ‘Whys’, not just the ‘Hows’.

Learn more about graphic design: links from Seth Godin

Useful tools for testing cross browser compatibility

Google website translator makes your website instantly available in other languages

W3C Link Checker – checks both links and anchors in web pages or full web sites

How much is my site worth? Best services to estimate a website value

Color Scheme Designer


Attn Non-Profits & WOM Fundraisers: ChipIn offers a great way to make fundraising easy for everyone to participate in and promote on your behalf. It’s a Web-based service that simplifies the process of collecting money from groups of people, making it quick, easy and secure. Also gives organizers numerous ways to get the word out about their ChipIn event.


What is a wiki?

Social Media Marketing Examples created by Peter Kim

Start your own wiki:

Check out Google Sites for easy setup, administration and collaboration capabilities

WOM (Word of Mouth)

Andy Sernovitz: Offline WOM

4 Defenses from Negative Word of Mouth

Twitter Invites via

Word Clouds

Wordle is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text. You can tweak your clouds with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes. The images you create with Wordle are yours to use however you like. You can print them out, or save them to the Wordle gallery to share with your friends.

YouTube Marketing: 11 Ways to Promote Your Business on YouTube

Marketing Your Business on YouTube


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