(My) Top 5 iPhone Apps for (Social) Business

Because, surely, you want to know, right? Plus, I’m seeing a trend for blog posts that offer lists…so why not? Here ya go…my Top 5 iPhone Apps for “Social” Business:

1.) Facebook App: This seems almost too obvious. But there might be one human in a cave somewhere who hasn’t downloaded it yet who I’d like to enlighten. This app offers a great opportunity to stay connected with your contacts/network while you’re standing in line somewhere, sitting in a waiting room or stuck in a car (as a passenger of course).

2.) Analytics App: If you blog, this is handy when you’re feeling lonely or unloved. It gives you mobile access to all of your Google Analytics data. (No guarantees that seeing your stats will turn your mood around.)

3.) U.S. Postage App: But this isn’t “social,” you’re saying to yourself. Sure it is. Ever send things out to your network via snail mail? This helps you do it without having to stand in line at the post office. Tell your friends. I love this app. Seriously. If I had a stamp for every time I used it…

4.) Mashable App: All the cool kids have it on their iPhones. (The uncool ones, like me, have it on their iPod Touches.)

5.) E! Online App: How else is a busy businessperson supposed to keep up with pop culture? Besides, what makes for better small talk before a meeting?

Why didn’t I list other social business apps on my iPod Touch (that’s right, I STILL don’t have an iPhone because of my stubborn refusal to be told which service provider I must use…take that Steve Jobs), like the Hootsuite App, Tweetdeck App, AP Mobile App, LinkedIn App and the like? The truth is — and please don’t let this get around — I find them cumbersome to maneuver through on that tiny little touchscreen.

Is it possible that the only solution to my problem is an iPad?

Until then, there you have it…a Top 5 list in 60 seconds or less. I aim to please. In case you don’t already have them installed, here are the links to download these babies:

Oh, and yes, I realize that technically these are not my top 5 “iPhone Apps,” but using “My Top 5 iPod Touch Apps” as a title sounded way less sexy, so be a sport and go with me on this. Thanks.

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2 Responses to “(My) Top 5 iPhone Apps for (Social) Business”

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  2. Bill Says:

    Cool ideas. But we really should get together (with Sharon and probably Jill) to get some solid ideas together.

    BTW – it was wonderful meeting you at the Party Under The Stars.


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