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scopa-05To begin (and for transparency’s sake), I should say I’m not Italian. Not even a little bit.

But this is not the point.

I was scanning the Twitter stream the other day and noticed one of my posts was “retweeted,” so I went to send a “Thx for the RT” which led me to a closer examination of the fellow’s Twitter bio — now he turned out to be very Italian. That’s when I officially met the “master of the Italian card game Scopa.” And then I took a moment to enjoy a flashback to more than 15 years ago when I played the game on a regular basis while living in Europe. Molto bene!

But this is not the point, either.

I invite the two of you who are still with me to follow this pictorial trail (if you’re reading this through your RSS feed reader or your email inbox and not seeing pictures, click here) and I promise to usher you directly to my point, which is about how you can use social media to build a community around ANYTHING that is of interest to you and why that matters.





Hmm…what’s this “Meetup” about…(click) –>




Hmm…wonder what other groups are on that would interest me…





Okay…I’ve arrived at my point. (Grazie for your patience.)

THE POINT: (drum roll…) My Twitter time went from Scopa (a long forgotten personal interest) to Meetup (an online community building tool I simply hadn’t stumbled upon before) to a search of other Meetup groups…and, because I can never turn off the marketer in my mind, the realization that if I were the community manager for a business, I’d want to know what Meetup groups are out there and where they’re meeting. I’d want to see how my business could add value to the group, whether in promoting group participation within my own company or in offering a sponsorship of an activity to one of the groups — whatever. The point is (another point?), THIS is where social media and social business meet. (Or, “meetup” in this case.) And is just one of the multitude of places they’re meeting using social media tools.

On a personal note, I found some groups that appeal to my unique interests, such as groups for “Chinese Language Learners.” Seriously. Who knew people were meeting up to chat in Chinese (or to try to, at least!)? I think that’s .

Business. Personal. Italian. Chinese. Social Media. Social Business. It’s a mix that requires you — the mixer — to stir things up and engage.

I think this post serves as a case study on multiple levels:

  • How Twitter can be a valuable tool for business AND personal use
  • Why it’s important to READ PEOPLE’S Twitter bios and make sure yours reflects your interests
  • Why taking a second to send a personal note to someone on Twitter can be worthwhile
  • There is some truth in advertising (when they say “there’s an app for that,” they’re not kidding) 🙂
  • There are people meeting up everywhere over just about everything — consider what that could mean for you and your business
  • There is networking value to overlapping the professional and the personal online (safely and cautiously, of course)
  • And for my new Italian friend, be careful where you invite “@usegraymatter” because she’ll end up posting about it

Scopa Cards (translated in Italian, "Scopa" means "sweep"). Points are awarded on each deal and when a player "sweeps" or wins all the cards on the table.

To think, all of this came out of a little tweet about a little deck of cards.

Meet online. Move offline. Maintain your network.


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3 Responses to “Social Media Italiano”

  1. Cassie Tuttle Says:

    So many lessons learned!

    And I loved the visual path you took us on to get there.

    I discovered Meetup earlier this year through some of my political interests. It is social networking to the max!

    …and now — to do some research about Scopa …..

    (How did we ever survive pre-Internet?)

  2. Steve DiNardo Says:

    OK, but who–precisely–is your favorite (living) Italian?

  3. Renee Lemley Says:

    Hmm…my favorite Italian. I can think of 4 restaurants just like that…but people…going to need some time to get back to you on that. Un momento prego…

    Oh wait…I get it. DiNardo. It’s Italian. You’re Italian. And, to close any question on the matter you even sport Italian decor — both inside and outside of your home.

    Tough call. Little DiNardo, Jr. might get the vote on this one.

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